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Monday, October 13, 2014

Unique Set of Cotton Bandanna Baby Drool Bibs for Baby Boys 

This may sound silly, but I am super excited to have found the perfect baby bib. My child had been suffering from drool rash because he is in that teething stage and is constantly drooling. Before I found these great bandana bibs, I would have to change his clothing like 4 to 5 times per day. It was really exhausting! But more than exhausting, I felt terrible to know that my baby was suffering from that terrible rash.

I actually found the matimati Baby bandana bibs on Amazon (I really like Amazon and have an Amazon mom membership! Love the super fast shipping.) and decided to give them a try. After trying out so many bibs before, to be sincere, I did not really expect much from these bibs other than their really cute patterns. But as soon as I got them, tried them on my child and WOW! They are truly wonderful. Not only are they really cute and fashionable, but they are super absorbent and soft. They protect my baby's neck and chest so well! And I am now so happy that his rash is gone! Plus he looks super trendy all the time.

If you are anything like me and always want the best for your little one, I recommend you try these great bibs. They are super cute and serve their purpose really well. Their customer service is also fantastic! They truly care about every single one of their customers... and as far as me, they have a customer for life!


As a mom or dad aren't you tired of...

- Baby bibs that are dangerous, not comfortable, and plain ugly?
- Baby bibs with velcro that lose its "stick", scratch your child's delicate skin, and damage other pieces of clothing in the laundry?
- Bibs with a plastic backing that have a crunchy feel and sound to them? And some can even be dangerous to your little babe?
- Bibs that are so stiff that don't lie flat on your child's chest and always seem to be bunched up in her face?
- Bibs that aren't absorbent at all?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have the solution for you! The matimati Baby Bandana Bib is a great alternative to the traditional baby bib... why?

matimati Baby Bibs:

- Have 2 snap closures making the baby bibs easily adjustable (no Velcro)
- Are made of 100% cotton backed by absorbent fleece (no plastic)
- Are soft and comfortable to wear
- Don't cover up a child's outfit but accessorize it
- Keep a child dry longer - help protect against drool rash and reflux
- Look unique and fashionable unlike a traditional bib
- Are great for droolers and teething babies. They are the perfect drool bibs!

Click the "Add To Cart" Button at the Top of this Page and Your Baby will be Drooling in Style!

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