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Thursday, October 02, 2014

High quality Black Aluminum Luggage Tag at a Great Price that will Improve Your Travels 

Does it sound over the top talking about something as lame as a luggage tag? Not if it has multi-purpose functions like a business card / ID card / driving license card holder, in reality anything that is the size of a credit card. Even your pet can be safeguarded while taking a trip with this easy low-priced security item! Check this out:

If you were the sort of individual (like me) that didn't actually appreciate luggage tags, the low-cost rubbish lot that hardly ever makes it through the first journey around, and on that very day you ended up to be the last individual at the Barcelona-EI Prat Flight terminal conveyor belt dealing with lost baggage paperwork to fill in with a small hangover from the complimentary wine served during the 12 hour long journey - ouch ... And the jet lag hasn't even started yet!

Here comes Amazon.com, a secured online retail shop with millions of products at your finger tips, quick delivering with money-back guarantee to guarantee that you are always pleased with your purchases. I likewise like the fact that evaluations are continuously being posted by genuine buyers, so it actually helps deciding before clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

That's how I found this excellent black aluminum luggage tag, and to top everything the seller gave me clear directions and additional name cards to print, all complimentary of charge. Pretty cool huh?

The other point I wanted to make was the small option you get in normal stores, as an example I purchased a couple of plastic tags for 19 euros ($25) from that very Barcelona-EI Prat Flight terminal on my way back, guess exactly what, one tag was gone and the other was ripped and removed 4 feet away from my bags at Chicago O'Hare Flight terminal's baggage carousel - I was really fortunate to discover my stuff once again ...

If you are searching for excellent luggage tags at a reasonable rate, then let me motivate you to click the link below and check them out for yourself, if you choose to buy yours and try them out, I would like to hear your ideas because I'm sure you will be nicely surprised!

Learn more about this at http://www.amazon.com/Luggage-Business-Holder-TUFFTAAG-ProudGuy/dp/B00JVTA6N2/Black Luggage Tag/

ProudGuy TUFFTAAG Luggage Tags for Comfort Travel Security
Proudguy's new black metal luggage tag will accelerate your airport travel with a simple to identify design that is guaranteed to stick out on the luggage carousel! Impress your fellow tourists and co-workers with this contemporary aluminum ID tag. The reward of this nametag is that it can be utilized as a business card holder - always on hand when an unexpected networking chance goes along!

Not only necessary for determining all hold baggage, this adjustable tag is likewise perfect for labeling hand luggage, golf bags, flight cases, music cases, executive brief-cases, ski devices, child safety seat and strollers, ski equipment, bikes, photo film devices, sports bags, clinical devices and any products that need a safe and secure label ...

Made from strong aluminum with a tough cable screw attachment, this distinctive hard tag has been proven to be far more secure than leather or plastic types that can become unreadable from wetness damage and easily get removed during flight terminal manhandling. Some 26 million pieces of checked luggage went astray on worldwide flights in 2011, so ensure you identify your travel baggage professionally so your journeys stay stress free.

We are so positive you'll like the new ProudGuy Luggage tag that it's backed by our no-hassle FREE return and refund.

A fantastic gift idea and perfect stocking stuffers!

Item Dimensions:
Business Card size 54mm x 90mm
Item Dimensions 120mm x 58mm
Cable Loop Length 165mm

This is a limited edition so do not wait, simply CLICK the "Add to Cart" Order Button at the Top Right of the Page NOW!

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