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Friday, October 17, 2014

Car Hammer as AAA Recommends for Car Rescue in Flash Flood Mudslides 

Car emergency situations associated with weather have actually been the lead story in national news outlets for several months in the U.S. From floods, mudslides, fires, or moms and dads leaving their children or animals in overheating cars, these stories all have one thingin common. To save lives, an option for a quick escape from autos should be applied. Waiting helplessly for first responders who are having to deal with 10s or hundreds of other emergency situations concurrently is frightening and ineffective when lives are in the risk from being trapped in cars.

One solution emergency situation personnel suggest all auto owners have is a simple tool that will certainly break a window that any individual can utilize with little practice or skills required. Tools of Life's Divine Secrets has actually come out with the Car Window Breakerdevice that is reliable, strong, reliable, and quick to punch an automobile window in emergency scenarios.

The specifically developed Car Hammer has double hammer heads with a razor sharp steel blade that punctures safety belt for fast exit from an automobile overcome by heat, fire, flood or mudslide. These kind of survival tools are recommended by first responders, fire personnel, cops, and AAA.

Safety minded households supply each of their cars, and their relations's cars with a Car Window Breaker, kept in the front seat of the car for quick access.

This Car Window Breaker Can Save Your Life
- Easily Remove from its holder when you have to utilize it.
- Specifically developed double hammer head window breaker at one end and seatbelt cutter steel blade at the other end for auto emergency, combined in one high quality plastic handle.
- Great for comfort and safety

A Must-have Life preserving Survival Kit

This car hammer, a.k.a. life hammer, escape hammer, or simply car window breaker, is developed to be a prospective Life Conserving Survival Kit. You hope you would never ever use it. But it resides in your home, your car's center console, glove box, or door slot when you have to break windows or to cut seat belts so you can release yourself and your enjoyed ones from inside a sinking or a burning car. Get 1 hammer for each car you have and buy bonus for your home and for your enjoyed ones.

Your Life Can Rely on This Car Hammer

- A top quality car or home escape device to help prevent automobile or a burning home entrapment
- Razor-sharp blade cuts through safety belt
- Consists of a safety bracket for the hammer heads and steel blade

Check this out at http://www.amazon.com/Car-Window-Breaker-Recommends-Mudslides/dp/B00MT4GLZS/car window breaker/

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