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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bluetooth Shower Speaker - Fully Waterproof- A Fantastic Volume At A Great Cost 

Finally a Bluetooth Shower Speaker that In fact Lasts and is Very Affordable

I delight in listening to songs in the morning as quickly as I wake. That's why I so liked when I came across this Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker to play my music in the shower the very first thing every morning. The bluetooth works truly well, it pairs easily with my phone and wow - this little speaker can pound out some major volume.

I have actually purchased numerous items over the years, many on impulse, which I used for a while and then for various reasons they ended up in the garbage. Some I thought I'd make use of a lot but quickly got tired of and others were simply poor quality. I can emphatically state that this is not the case with my Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker.

I use it daily and the quality is fantastic. It's actually strong (I have actually dropped it various times!) - this definitely is the real deal. It checks all the boxes for me; it truly is waterproof, the volume is excellent, the battery lasts for days on end and it pairs to all my bluetooth gadgets.

The funny thing is I got it for the shower but I have actually discovered all sorts of uses for it. I use it for bath time, by the swimming pool, on the beach and while training. Actually pretty much anywhere my phone or tablet needs to be shielded from water, dust or simply being kicked around. Taking a call with the built-in wireless speakerphone when I have my phone paired with it is truly cool.

Personally I like getting stuff on Amazon. They make it so easy with their trustworthy shipping and money-back guarantee. So when I discovered this Shower Speaker on Amazon it was an easy decision to go all out. Exactly what occurred after I got it truly blew me away.

The follow up service from the seller was amazing. I received a number of really useful follow up emails with ideas for making use of the product and responses to some frequently asked questions. I found this really comforting and for me it enhanced my preliminary decision to buy.

I carry this little guy around with me everywhere - the shower, my balcony and the swimming pool. I like understanding that I don't need to keep it far from water or get paranoid that somebody will splash it. I have actually been mentioning to great deals of people about it and they all want to buy one.

This Bluetooth Shower Speaker is such a fantastic present idea for others or why not treat yourself like I did! So whether you're looking to treat yourself or wow others then I urge you to click the link below to order yours now and see on your own. I am sure you will be more than impressed.

Your search for the best Bluetooth Shower Speaker is finally over. It's time to impress your family and friends. When you purchase from us today here is simply some of the things you can anticipate:.
- Marvel at the impressive adjustable sound quality to delight in all your favorite music in the shower, bath, kitchen area, boat, swimming pool, beach or any wet/dusty place where you 'd still like crystal clear audio without risking your pricey Bluetooth player.

- With the hands-free built in speakerphone you never need to stress over missing that important call due to the fact that you're in the shower or your phone is put away in a dry place.

- A portable product with a strong suction cup connects to any flat surface area consisting of glass, walls, desks and tiles. The latest high capacity integrateded lithium-ion battery charges in 2-3 hours and because it has 600mAH (milliamp hours) capacity it holds a charge for 10+ hours of playing time - most others only have 400mAH.

- The biggest question you might be asking - Is this speaker resilient and truly waterproof. Well this Bluetooth speaker is certified to IP67 standard meaning it's fully waterproof and can in fact be immersed in water. This really revolutionary technology is only available in premium speakers. No gimmicks ... this is the real deal and has CE/ROHS/FCC / IP67 accreditation.

- Our clients are raving about the noise this little gem blasts out. It's no surprise though. The speaker output of 3W is more than capable of packing a punch.

- Just as important though is the service you'll get when you position your order today. This is a premium product - it's the real deal and works a treat. All we ask is that you provide us a shot and if for any factor it's wrong for you, you have 60 days to let us understand and we'll provide you 100 % of your money back - no questions asked.

So buy this product now as a cool present on your own or others and let the joy start!

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