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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Student Painter Brush Set With Bag And Twelve Mixed Brushes For Acrylic Use 

There are numerous things to think about and do when you're a student. I do my most inspired thinking in bed, just before waking for the day. If I've been having a hard time searching for a answer to a specific problem, then the solution will often come to me at this time. It might look as though I'm really asleep but, I can assure you I am working on my next art project. My morning innovative brainstorming has been my most effective source of inspiration for as long as I can remember.

I know exactly what you are thinking. No, I am not snoozing. Yes, I do love to lie late in bed most mornings but, it is very important work. I am an artist and artists require time to envisage, time to ponder. After I finish my regular creativity session, I am usually so inspired with fresh concepts that I rarely have time to snatch a cup of tea before zooming out the door.

What I hate the most is arriving at class all enthused with new ideas only to find that I've left some or all of my paint brushes behind in my rush to get to school. Absolutely nothing spoils my imagination more than not having the ability to action my new ideas immediately. This is why I love my Hand Touched Crafts Student Artist Brush Set.

I purchased my brushes online from Amazon.com. I'd rather use my time painting than shopping, so shopping from Amazon was a quick solution for me. The cash back warranty, fast shipping, along with the good consumer reviews all made my decision and shopping experience simple.

I usually keep a set in my backpack and I now never have to stress anymore about arriving at art class without my paint brushes. The kit is light and small enough to fit conveniently into my bag. It has a good choice of different brush heads so that I can experiment with many different brush strokes and paint mediums. It is also terrific for when I paint plein air.

If you need to lug paint brushes to and from art class, then I suggest you consider this brush set on Amazon.com.

Get yours now at amazon.com/Artist-Brush-Set-Watercolour-Handcrafted/dp/B00I32YP4E/Paint Brush Set/



* An Assortment of 12 Golden Synthetic Learner Paint Brushes in a Black Canvas Artists Kit.

* Appropriate for Lots of Varying Media including Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Nail Gel.

* Rounds, Flats, Filberts, Wash, Angle, and Liner to practice different kinds of brush work.

* Convenient, Light & Easy for taking to art group, or traveling to an outdoor painting area.

* No Risk- 90 Day Money Return Guarantee - Hand Assembled Quality by Experienced Brush Maker in UNITED STATES.

* All your brushes are stored together & READY TO GO WHEN YOU ARE.

* ADDITIONAL AREA in the kit for a SKETCHING PEN or ANOTHER BRUSH & side pocket for an ERASER.

* WORRIED you don't have the best brush for the job? NOT ANY MORE, you now have a GOOD RANGE OF BRUSHES to learn various brush strokes & media approaches with.

* EASY TO CLEAN - Synthetic brush hair wash out quickly, wipe-able lacquered wood brush handles & artist roll.

* Constructed for strength with RUST FREE SEAMLESS NICKEL FERRULES that will withstand the roughness of more passionate painting techniques.

* Your brushes are HAND CRAFTED in the UNITED STATES from finest quality materials sourced from within the UNITED STATES & from Abroad.

* We just strive for SATISFIEDCONSUMERS. If you are not ONE HUNDRED PERCENT happy with your order we promise you a NO RISK - Thirty DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE SO YOU CAN BUY WITH PEACE OF MIND.


* 12 x Golden Synthetic Student Grade Artist Brushes - comprising of one x brush of the following;.
Rounds, 12, 8, 4, 3/0; Flats, 12, 6; Wash, 3/4"; Angle, 3/8", 3/4"; Filberts, 6, 3/4"; Long Liner, 0.

* One x Black Artist Roll.

* One x Guide for Different Brush Use & Brush Cleaning.



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