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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Recording Digital Audio On Your PERSONAL COMPUTER 

The most straightforward technique of recording digital audio is making use of Windows 7's Sound Recorder. This program is a basic recorder that's ideal for starters in the recording field. You have to have a decent mic, a pop filter, a sound card with a mic port. Otherwise, you can also utilize a USB mic and in this situation, you won't need the sound card. Once you have these things, you can start right up to your first recording. Here are the ways.

Hook up the microphone's plug into the mic slot of the sound card. This is found at the backside of your PC, close to the speaker plugs. When making use of a USB mic, you simply have to plug its cable into any free USB port.

Place the pop filter in front of the mic.

You can also utilize a hardware audio device to the line-in slot so that you can record directly from the device.

Open the sound recording program by hitting on the Home button and typing "Sound Recorder" then pressing Enter.

Click the 'Start Recording' option just before capturing dictations or different audio sources.

If you are finished, press 'Stop Recording' and save the audio using the "Save" function where you'll be prompted to key in the file name of your sound recording.

If you want to try out sophisticated recording programs, you can search for Audacity or more expensive programs.

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