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Monday, September 22, 2014

New cell Phone Mount Windshield Mount for iPhone, Galaxy, Blackberry or GPS 

New car phone holder permits hands-free driving and functions easy snap-in design. The Car Phone Holder for Hands Free Driving has been launched by SGA Products.

Products by means of its Amazon.com marketplace. Mobile gadgets snap into the gadget with the push of a button. The air conditioning unit showcases an adjustable cellular phone mount for Android, Blackberry, iPhone 4S/5/5S /5C, Motorola, and Samsung Galaxy, and various other gadgets.

This product provides a number of hassle-free functions. Extendable arms adjust to cradle most smart phones and snap in area for a secure grip. It also incorporates a 2.5 inch diameter suction pad to stick to a windscreen, desk, or other smooth, flat surface area. A lever and suction cup tab easily releases the air conditioning unit.

An adjustable support shelf prevents slipping of a cellular phone or GPS gadget. Users can set the car phone holder by adjusting its angle; it can be rotated 360? and be moved horizontally or vertically.

- Easy Snap-In Mounting System: Secures gadget with just a push of a finger!
- Extendable Arms: Easily adapts to cradle width for a lot of smart phones including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Blackberry and GPS. Arms snap into area to safeguard gadget immediately.
- 360 Degree Rotation and Angle Adjustment: Optimal viewing is perfected with horizontal, vertical and angle adjustments with simple to utilize ball joint and swivel elbow with finger twistable knobs.
- Sticky Suction Pad: Bonus large 2.5" diameter sticky suction cup connects securely to the.

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