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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ice Sphere Tech &reg; On Reduction For 48 % Off Just Now 

Ice Sphere Tech ® a firm specializing in the kitchen area tools and gismos is receiving fantastic testimonials for its Sphere Molds. Amazon.com buyers are extremely thrilled with the convenience and creative enhancement that spheres deliver.

The mold is made from top quality silicone. 1 thrilled shopper, JDShellnut says, "Great seller, excellent communication, speedy shipping, and what a great product! I love the ice sphere molds, I literally use them everyday. They are great. Keeps my drink cold without watering it down. HIGHLY recommended!!!".

Ice Ball Tray

He even provides a free suggestion on using the ice ball molds:" I've used other ice ball molds, but three things about this mold stand out:.

1. The silicone is translucent enough to see the water level inside. I've used ice ball molds that were colored blue, and it was very difficult to see the water level.
2. These are the first molds that I've seen with a marked water fill line. You have to leave a part of the mold unfilled to account for expansion of the water on freezing (about 9 % greater than the liquid volume), and the marked fill line keeps you from having to guess.
3. The mold kit includes a small metal funnel to help pour water into the small (0.45") opening at the top of the mold.".

"Slow melting ice balls can be used in a number of different ways" says Russell Card (Founder of Ice Sphere Tech ®) in fact, one customer, Noname., I like the little fill line. With that, I never overfill or under fill. I get perfect ice balls every time. Not all ice ball makers come with a fill line. Sometimes, we just have to guess, and I'm often wrong.

The ice comes out easily, which I can't say about all molds. I don't have to melt them down with water. They just come out. Five stars ...".

These kinds of real customer reviews are making others more intrigued by the gadget and is guaranteed to launch Ice Sphere Tech ® credibility much better on Amazon.com. Ice Sphere Tech ® Sphere Mold page on Amazon.com lists the functions that various customers attest to. In reality, Ice Sphere Tech ® is so confident in the quality of its Ice Ball Molds that it offers a 10 year replacement guarantee.

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