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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

GoPro Telescoping Extension Pole for All Hero Digital Cameras 

The Perfect Extension Pole for GoPro Hero 3+ - Getting Those Breathtaking Shots

There is this incredible sensation when you are whooshing down a mountain, covered in fresh powder, and the sun is shining and the only noises you can hear are the wind and your board on the snow. And I was able to take that to the extreme-- a 3 week trip to New Zealand. With my GoPro video camera in tow, me and my two friends snowshoed, cross-country skied, and most importantly, snowboarded, all over the country! After getting my Hero 3+ last year and snowboarding with it on the slopes of my Colorado home, I discovered that to obtain those fantastic pictures and videos, I needed to find a means to shoot at another angle. That's when I discovered the incredible GoRad Gear 'Animas' extension pole to obtain those rad shots. It was a no-brainer to purchase this for my vacation.

You most likely got your GoPro for reasons like my own; to get incredible pictures and videos of you doing your thing. Mine is snowboarding, and I swear this is the ideal accessory for my sport. It's lightweight and easy to hold, and the different lengths made it ideal for getting views of me, my friends, and the incredible country we journeyed through. Its strong, resilient design never failed me-- and I put it through some pretty difficult situations. Plus, it comes with an incredibly practical case so I could attach it to my pack, which was wonderful for every activity we did.

I like that I got it on Amazon, too. I grew up using Amazon to purchase a lot of things, so the first place I looked was online. Wonderful cost, and it got to me quick, so it showed up in time for my trip. Overall, it was a simple and easy buy, and I have had absolutely no issues from purchase to now.

I honestly love this pole and the shots I got with it were amazing. It is the best solution for capturing those incredible images no matter what you require it for. You need to click the link below and purchase GoRad Gear's 'The Animas' pole-- seriously, you will love it!


If you own a GoPro you need THE ANIMAS telescoping extension pole!

- Enables you to record distinct angles and points-of-view you cannot even envision.
- Great for passing your Hero camera from one friend to another while shooting video.
- Allows you to get closer to the action while stabilizing your GoPro in any recording situation.
- Attaches to all GoPro Hero cameras and comes with a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE.

Superior Materials and Design

Your equipment was not inferior in quality, so your extension pole shouldn't be either. The Animas is manufactured with high quality materials to produce a premium product.

Some of the features that make our telescoping extension pole an outstanding product!

- Made from durable lightweight rust-resistant anodized aluminum tubes, feels strong in your hand.
- Completely waterproof for underwater use.
- Comes with a GoPro tripod mount and connecting thumbscrew.
- Twist locking system to easily adjust pole length from 17 to 40 inches.
- Rubber grip handle with an upscaled adjustable wrist strap for added security.

GUARANTEED against manufacturer's defects for as long as you have The ANIMAS.

ORDER YOURS NOW and begin makeing those videos and images you have just dreamed about!

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