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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Finally A Tote Exists For Securely Carrying Numerous Ocarinas 

If you're an ocarina enthusiast like me, not only is your collection constantly expanding, but so is your desire to bring them with you wherever you go. I love bringing my ocarinas to conventions, festivals, friends and family's homes, on vacations, camping trips and to various places to jam. Given that the majority of my ocarinas are made out of clay, I'm constantly concerned that they will break when I'm traveling. I cover them in towels and other bulky things which makes for unpleasant and not very cool looking travel. I was so excited when I finally discovered a safe, secure and stylish method to travel with numerous ocarinas, Songbird Ocarina's Ocarina Traveller Carrying Case.

Check Out This Ocarina Traveller Carrying Case Video

"There is nothing else out there like it." said Durian Songbird, the owner of Songbird Ocarina and the designer of the Ocarina Traveller Carrying Case. "Up until now, if someone wanted to carry multiple ocarinas they had to use camera bags, pistol cases or custom pelican cases. This is the first carrying bag designed especially for ocarinas. It's exciting!"

Modeled after an English paratroopers bag, the Ocarina Traveller Carrying Case's exterior is made of strong, indigo blue denim. It is lined with a soft, black faux suede. Light-weight yet protective padding is on the inside and bottom to avoid damage.

The carrying case has 4 pockets total. There are 2 external side pockets of identical size. The inside of the bag is large and has 1 medium sized padded pocket and 1 big padded pocket. The pockets are specifically designed to hold numerous ocarinas in addition to songbooks. A 1" wide adjustable strap is connected on both sides of the bag by durable, black plastic O rings. The O rings provide rotation for the strap so the bag lays flat against the body. The front flap extends partly over the top of the bag. It is finished with a wooden toggle closure.

The Ocarina Traveller Carrying Case is manufactured and produced by Songbird Ocarina in L.A, California. It is offered at $33.00 and available immediately.

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