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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Common Mistakes When Renting a Yacht 

There are a number of essential things you have to take into account when you are chartering a yacht for the very first time. Read on and learn the most common errors people make when renting a vessel:

1. Depending only on the world wide web when doing research regarding chartering a yacht: You can get many good info about yacht charter online, but you should not rely on it totally. You could get misguided by false advertisements with photos of yachts. You should have some knowledge regarding yachts for charter, otherwise you would not be able to tell whether a yacht is in excellent shape or not. You won't be able to make such judgment over the web by just looking at the pictures, even if all sides and components. It is recommended that you get referrals from family members and friends who have experienced renting a yacht.

2. Not asking about the yacht's condition: Know the year in which the vessel was built. It's essential to know how old the vessel is. This information will give you an idea about its working condition. Getting a very old vessel is not a great idea as it may need to be repaired frequently. The worst case scenario of chartering an old yacht is getting stuck in the middle of the open ocean. So, it is best to get a new boat or one that's manufactured within five years. Ask for a list of all available tools, equipment, and devices on the yacht and be sure that all are in good working condition. Also, check the interior and exterior of the yacht.

3. Not being aware about hidden charges: When the company presents you with fees and charges, carefully check the price list. Ask about the aspects you are uncertain about as well as anything that seems confusing to you. Do not hesitate to ask about the hidden costs. Bear in mind that the list you are provided with doesn't cover hidden fees, so ask about them. Remember that you are the one who will pay for the charter, so you have the right to question and know about how much you ought to pay and in what form.

4. Not checking and testing the vessel before the trip begins: Check and test each device, tool, and equipment included in the boat. If you do not have technical knowledge, ask somebody who has a lot of knowledge about it. If you are planning a yacht vacation with your family and/or colleagues, make sure that the boat you'll charter has life vests and has child-proof railings. Rent a fully equipped, child-friendly boat. Visit the CCY WEBSITE to get more details.

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