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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cleans Green™ - The Power Behind The Brand Name 

Cleans Green™ is a line of cleaning gadgets and materials created to free the world of poisonous chemicals one building at a time.

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The most effective means to free our contact to dangerous chemicals is to not use them at all. This is made possible by the suite of cleaning gadgets and supplies that have been developed, by Rae Ann Dougherty, the creator of the brand name owned by Green Cleaning Products LLC.

Each of the items that have been picked to lug the Cleans Green™ brand name has actually been carefully investigated and established to bring the greatest quality and the majority of effective cleaning devices to the customer for the property owner in addition to the industrial cleaner.

Dougherty, an engineer with over 35 years in the sustainability field has actually made this possible. Her mission is important for the enhancement of our environment and to shield our loved ones, our family, especially our babies and toddlers, and our pets.

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