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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bluetooth Shower Speaker Video - Listen To Your Music Everywhere 

In this 50 second video you will become aware of the iFox Creations Bluetooth Shower Speaker and how much of an enjoyable product it is for all. How the speaker pairs with all bluetooth devices like iphone, ipod, tablets and so on and how you can play your music in the shower for the best beginning to any day.

In fact you can use this shower speaker virtually anywhere your player, phone or tablet needs to be safeguarded from water, dust or simply being kicked around. One of the truly cool features is that if you have your phone synced to the speaker you can take a call using the built-in wireless speakerphone. How cool is that!

Shower Speaker

This video explains how if you are pleased with your music collection and love playing your music but don't wish to risk soaking or harming your pricey player then this water-proof, dust-proof and durable speaker is precisely for you. It shows you how you can attach it to your shower wall and because it is so portable how you can take it with you to the beach, to the swimming pool, fishing on your boat or anywhere you wish to enjoy your music.

In this video you will briefly see exactly what makes a great Bluetooth Shower Speaker and why the iFox Creations product is the real deal and checks all the boxes. A quality, exceptional product at an inexpensive cost.

The video will show you how easy this shower speaker is to use, how remarkable the volume is and how much joy you can have with it. You will likewise see how the speaker is such a great present concept for others or to simply treat yourself.

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