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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Facebook Like Oven Mitt Perfect Likeable Gag Present Ideal For Your Favorite Facebook Share-oholic 

The Facebook like oven mitt speaks for itself. The Happy Life Club is finally bringing Facebook into the kitchen area. Lets face it, the kitchen already goes on Facebook with all the images of food and beverages. So now you can Like your very own food.

This oven mitt is made for photo opportunities not heavy duty heat environments. Its hand stitched quality looks terrific beside every preferred dish. While you will not be holding onto that 400 degree pot for long the mitt is comprised of long lasting cotton filled with polyester.

Lets face it, whether it be baking or cooking or bbqing we are all waiting to show off our food. This oven mitt is enjoyable for all ages. Family and friends are getting a huge kick out of the never in the past seen Facebook like oven mitt to like your very own photo in real life.

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Don't simply SAY you like, SHOW that you LOVE the food!

Help enable the cooks, bakers and BBQ grillers in your life addicted to uploading pics of their food on Facebook.

Why gift this Facebook kitchen glove? Because life is delicious. And funny Facebook photo opps are worth a thousand words!

Functions of our Oven Mitt:.
- Created for light and healthy food preparation.
- Fun and simple to recognize.
- Good discussion opener at BBQs and gatherings.

We stand behind our item 100 %. If you are not satisfied, we offer an unconditional, no hassle money back ensure.

You had me at "Approve Pal Request." 2 facebook thumbs up.:).

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