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Thursday, July 31, 2014

RFID Sleeves. Fantastic Bank Card Security, 10 Pack, Men and Women, Fits Wallet/Purse 

Right after various personal suffers from of smart card scams, the president of Dearo awakened to the fact that theft as a result of electromagnetic interference of bank cards and smart cards has been considerably more serious and simple than many people realise.

It was decided that a basic and inexpensive approach to shield card-based facts ought to be made a lot more easily accessible to the public.

Experience with a basic sheltering technique to prevent any devices having the ability to gain access to card-based facts proved to be the best and cheapest approach to help make that intention a real possibility. It was then that Dearo took on the process of producing convenient, lightweight, appealing RFID Blocking Sleeves to do exactly that.

Almost all bank cards and smart cards contain a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip comprising personal, financial and top secret information. Right now it is turning out to be increasingly easy for thieves to access this info through the use of card-reading devices, even undetectable inside mobile phones, which can remove data without even coming into primary contact with anyone. These types of RFID blocking sleeves virtually shield card-based info from electromagnetic interference coming from any device in range through the use of specifically developed aluminum foil paperpositioned inside the sleeve itself.

Dearo RFID blocking sleeves behave in the following ways:

•Protect bank cards and also other smart cards against fraudulence and identity thieves.
•Come in packs of 10 sleeves that fit every normal size card which includes: Credit/Debit cards, Access, Identity, Security, Personnel cards, Licenses cards, Healthcare cards, Library, Fitness center and Regular membership cards, Parking passes etc.
•Are produced to the best standard using the highest quality resources accessible. Waterproof, tough and extremely lightweight. Utilized by hugely reputable firms including Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Oppo, Coca Cola, Disney and Adidas.
•Thousands of satisfied shoppers throughout the world are using these RFID blocking sleeves.



Prevent unwanted capture of data from bank cards and other smart cards issued by banks and organisations such as:

• Credit/Debit Cards
• Access, ID, Security, Employee cards
• License cards, medical cards
• Library, membership, gym cards
• Parking passes

Provides an efficient layer of protection from thieves. Unless properly protected, your card-based data is available to ANY active reader in range!

Protects all your card-based information when properly used

• Thousands in use across the world
• Protects your cards from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
• Protects contactless IC card information from theft
• Protects cards from damage and scratching
• Waterproof
• Fit all standard size credit, debit and other smart cards
• Fit perfectly in a wallet, purse or pocket

Manufactured to the Highest Standard available

• Substantial, durable, highest quality materials used
• Manufactured in the most reputable and professional environment using aluminum foil paper for the BEST protection
• Our customers include Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Oppo, Coca Cola, Disney, Adidas and more

What customers say about RFID Blocking Sleeves

"I recommend these to anyone looking for extra peace of mind and anyone who spends any time in public places"

"I feel so much safer! They are a great product, very durable"
"My new best friends! No one is touching my data!"

"A simple answer to my fear of technology! Exactly what I've been looking for."

Thousands of happy and satisfied customers!

Additional Information
• Certified and Unique
• Make ideal inexpensive gifts!

The ONLY RFID Blocking Sleeve backed by a Lifetime, No-Hassle, Free Replacement Guarantee

Hurry! Limited Supply - These won't last long!

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