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Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Hi-Tech Luxury Quality Silicone Cooking Gloves Claim Higher Heat-Resistant, Last Longer and Less-Irritation 

The marketplace is crowded with plenty of poor quality food preparation gloves. Lots of suppliers place incorrect claims and pumped up numbers. Some could even cross the line by pounding innocent buyers with over-promised and under-delivered advertising lingo. Owners of these previous generation of silicone food preparation gloves are mostly unsatisfied with the their bad heat resistant property, lack of resilience (splits quickly at the joints) and awkward fitting due to their smaller size.

Simply, the room for enhancement is highly desirable and people require better quality food preparation gloves. A good quality cooking gloves integrates the necessary high resistant property with optimal comfort and protection against all kinds of nasty elements. KitchenUX silicone food preparation gloves adhere to all these requirements quickly. It does this with an added guaranteed lifetime quality seal that increases consumer confidence.

KitchenUX silicone cooking gloves are a real thing when it concerns handling the entire procedure of outdoor grilling. From food preparation (like washing, cutting, seasoning, massaging and skewing) to cooking (like grilling, tossing, flipping and pressing) to complete (table, clean up and maintenance). All these activities (besides consuming food) done without taking off the gloves. Simply amazing!

KitchenUX silicone cooking gloves are a winner as compared to normal cooking cotton oven mitts. Firstly, they are waterproof and expel oil and grease effectively. No more worry of working in soggy and dirty hands. Second, the joints do not wear and tear quickly like the cotton mitts. The threads on the mitts will lose their elasticity or break off after a period of use while the silicone based gloves will continue to provide the exact same consistent fit, comfort and resilience for a sustained time period. Thirdly, they are maintenance free and clean quickly inside a dishwasher using the exact same dishwasher cleaning agent. How convenient!

Clearly, the benefits of the silicone cooking gloves are aplenty. The downside to it is when the covering safety layer is compromised by a deep cut into it to enable liquid to get in. Otherwise, the gloves can withstand all kinds of torture it goes through under regular use conditions. Genuinely awesome piece of work of technology!

To top it off, KitchenUX has actually included a bonus offer material inside each package - a unique offer of a barbeque recipe that will sure tinkle your taste buds and a life time membership to access its special content-rich web site. Make certain to look it up and subscribe to its free newsletter also. You will enjoy it!

Composed of the greatest premium grade silicone for supreme heat resistant that is proclaimed FDA accredited, highly long lasting and environment friendly.

Shield hands 100 % against intense heat, disgusting slimy grease, boiling water, liquified chemicals, frozen meat and other hazardous contaminants while working in and out of the kitchen, on or around ovens, stoves, pots, pans, barbecue grills and cooking appliances with hot surfaces.

Enclose fingers comfortably to enable them to move freely and separately inside the gloves for an extended time period. The inner lining is free from abrasion inducing agents and contains no covering that causes allergies to delicate skin or releases unpleasant smells.

Compose of soft silicone that enables full flexibility and control. Managing food is a lot simpler with raised non-slip texture that enforces optimal grip.

Backed up by 100% customer satisfaction seal with lifetime guarantee.

Find out more at amazon.com/Original-Premium-Resistant-Silicone-Fingers/dp/B00JVVCXAY/Grill Accessories/

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