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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Travel Writing Secrets Revealed: Explore the Globe Free in VIP Style as a Travel Writer 

Picture what life might be like for you as a freelance travel writer. Here are a few of the trips I have been privileged to take part in during the past year (to participate in these trips and occasions cost me practically nothing whereas to pay for them would have cost me more than $15,000!):

- Gastronomic journey to the idyllic and unspoilt Mediterranean island of Sicily.

- Stay at a delightful hotel hidden on a private island in Scotland, complete with log fires and wood-paneling -- one of the most romantic hideaway hotels anywhere!

- Stay at a hedonistic and sumptuous hotel that has frequently played host to aristocracy, located on an exclusive, lush island off England's Cornwall coast (reached by helicopter).

- Journey to Italy to explore the pristine region around timeless Rome, where we were treated to champagne and oysters followed by an exquisite dinner on a balmy open-air terrace underneath the battlements of an old sea fort, which was just the first night!

- Journey to explore Bolivia, the highest and most remote nation in South America, with its amazing Andean peaks, high plains, lush gorges and thick, verdant jungles.

- Stay at a unique haute cuisine dining establishment hotel set on the far shore of a remote Scottish loch reached by boat, plus first class rail sleeper transportation to Scotland.

- Stays at a historic castle in southern England once owned by Elizabeth I and a captivating hunting lodge hotel hidden in deepest Exmoor forest.

- Invites to lavish suppers, lunches, events and exhibits and ticket for the hit London show Mamma Mia at a day's notice, in spite of a three-month waiting list.

These are actual examples of how wonderful life as a travel writer can be. Beats the grind of working nine to five!

And that's only part of it. Picture how you'll feel when you see your name as the author of a published travel story. You'll be an authentic published writer. And just how impressed will your friends and family be?

Would you like to receive VIP treatment wherever you go ... FREE travel and flight upgrades ... FREE gourmet dining at luxury restaurants ... FREE first-class lodging in the world's most luxurious hotels ... FREE entry into sports fixtures and sold-out shows ... celeb welcomes at places not open to the general public? Would you like to never need to travel as a tourist ever again? Who wouldn't?

The exciting news is these are just a few of the unique advantages enjoyed by travel authors in the regular course of travel writing.

If you wish to enjoy for yourself the prestige and way of living of the freelance travel writer, you'll need secrets. You'll have to understand who will host free trips for you. You'll have to understand the correct method to approach these people and the best words to use to demonstrate you're an expert.

None of this is rocket science although you have to understand the correct practices.

For the first time, experienced, successful travel authors have agreed to share with you the secrets of their profession. Not just that, this book includes the exact wording of communications I have made use of to obtain a wide range of free hosting and other advantages as a travel writer.

This book is your entry to a more beautiful, more exciting and respected way of living. The procedures I will reveal will fast track your travel writing career into the wonderful realm of the experienced travel writer, where your globe awaits your every dream.

Are you ready to start a fascinating career as a travel writer? Don't lose a single day of your idyllic new way of living. Get a pen and some paper -- you'll wish to take some notes -- then turn the page.

I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you on one of our awesome journeys around the globe.

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