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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Amazon Online Marketplace: To Cary Out Trademark Laws 

When on a routine check for counterfeit sellers Russell Card of Ice Sphere Tech, a business that offers distinct kitchen area devices, uncovered counterfeit listings from a seller on his trademarked products. After trying to correct the violation by getting in touch with the seller and receiving no feedback, he proceeded to correct the issue with Amazon.

Amazon suggested a test purchase before reporting the violation, which Ice Sphere Tech did and confirmed that it was not the very same product and the quality was significantly low. The counterfeit cool kitchen area devices seller remained to interfere with the actual kitchen area basics listings, first by editing a product page and including variations that did not exist.

The next day, the ASIN number was altered, successfully removing Ice Sphere Tech from their own listing and turning control of the brand-new kitchen area devices page over to the counterfeit seller. Ice Sphere Tech soon restored control of their best kitchen area devices providing however the changes from the counterfeiter continued to stay?. The hijacker was reported and the test purchase introduced as proof and Hijackers page was reverted back to the original?

The next day Ice Sphere Tech, the original kitchen area devices business, uncovered they had been reported as the counterfeit version of the Amazon kitchen area gadget stores. They responded by offering legal files including their copyright numbers government registry as proof of ownership. After getting in touch with Amazon, their essential kitchen area devices providing was brought back to them within twelve hours, however that was not the end of the tale.

Two days after being eliminated, the counterfeiter had once again been noted on the product page. After completing the violation report over 2 dozen times in a circuitous path in which Ice Sphere Tech lost lots of orders and the counterfeiter remained to be permitted to sell the phony kitchen area devices on the actual kitchen area devices page, exactly what is left without including a lawyer?


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