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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Kiwi Music Group Solidaz Jams With Percussionist John Blackwell From Prince's New Power Generation 

Solidaz, the very first band endorsed by Krafty, an American musical resources corporation, have been getting rave reviews with regard to their show stopping performance with long time Prince drummer, John Blackwell in one of their organized tours in China this summer. Blackwell is a long time drummer for Prince's New Power Generation, well known in the ‘90s. Fans were psyched at the electric impromptu jam session that got everybody on the dance floor.

View John Blackwell Video Here

The Kiwi band who comes from Hamilton, NZ is made up of:

* Sam Chemerika, on lead vocals,
* Chris Toal, on keyboards and vocals,
* Campbell Hapi, on guitar and vocals,
* Kristen Hapi, on percussion and vocals,
* and Mark Tamati, on bass and vocals

Endorsed by Krafty at the beginning of 2014, Solidaz endorses a distinctive line of musical accessories for the firm - the Krafty Pik Me Up pick punch. The organization is pleased with the band's growing success and looks forward to additional memorable shows and partnerships with top notch performers in the industry. Solidaz is presently on tour in China. The group is also offering free video lessons on guitar technique for anybody serious in learning music. They assure to add more videos at another Krafty recruited channel governed by band guitarist Campbell Hapi. Krafty believes their products are helpful musical tools that can help individuals pursue their love of music. The Pik Me Up Punch is available on Amazon and incorporates 3 multi-colored boards to get anybody started creating their unique guitar pick. The DIY pick punch founder makes picks compatible with regular guitar pick designs.

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