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Monday, June 09, 2014

How to Arrange a Meaningful Funeral 

Coping with a loved one's death is probably the toughest experience you will go through in this lifetime. And the stress related to arranging a funeral -- especially if it is something you have never done before -- can make the situation feel worse. So to help you scale down the level of strain of arranging a funeral, check out the following tips.

Looking for a Funeral Director

Hiring a funeral director can relieve a huge deal of stress involved in arranging a funeral for a deceased loved one. If possible, choose a funeral director who is suggested by a friend, to ensure that he'll be dependable. Be sure to meet with two to three funeral director in person. Do this so you could compare personal styles, costs, and services before making a final decision.

Choosing the Venue for the Wake

When you're choosing a wake venue, be sure that you do not underestimate how many people who want to attend. Some venues provide the catering for you. You should be realistic as possible in your estimation the amount of food you'll have to prepare. Bear in mind that no one really goes to a funeral for a free meal.

Getting the Details Out

It may sound a bit outdated, but arranging a funeral announcement in the local publication truly is a good way to disseminate the details about the funeral, especially when you are announcing the funeral of an elderly person. You could also use this space to inform individuals on what they must bring, as many if not all people who'll attend the funeral feel the need to give something, such as monetary offering or flowers. But if you do not think that that's appropriate, try asking them to donate to a charity, instead.

The Final Wishes of the Deceased

The most important thing to remember is that the preferences of the decedent always come first. If he did not leave any instructions about the type of funeral he would like, follow the requests. But if he didn't leave any guidelines, use what you know about the decedent's personality and religious beliefs in organizing the funeral you think he would have liked.

Always remember that there are no rules on how a decedent should be sent off. So use whatever you think would be the most appropriate way. If he or she loved vibrant colours, you could ask the people who will go to the funeral to avoid wearing the traditional black.

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