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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Great Ice Spheres For Healthy Decorative Drinks 

If you are anything like me, you buy the latest kitchen gadget and make use of it only for a month. Then you place it in a cupboard and hardly ever use it again. That's why I avoid buying new kitchen gadgets. Obviously, there are exceptions - but my standards are high!
The other day my husband brought home a pair of cute looking silicon moulds for making large ice balls. "Good start" I thought, "It's easy to hide these in my small kitchen cabinet." "So what can I do with these?" I asked.
My husband smiled and said: "You'll like them, because you can create so many things with them." He then filled one of the moulds with water and put it in the freezer.
In the evening he asked me to join him at our living room open fire. There on the coffee table sat a glass of whisky with a crystal clear ice ball sitting in the whisky. "What do you think?" he said.
"Well", I exclaimed, "It certainly is a cute ball of ice. But you know I don't drink whisky very often, because I want to remain healthy." He looked at me and nodded: "Yes I guess so, but you can use these ice balls in your health drinks too."
He then told me the many things I could create with these silicon ice ball moulds to back up my healthy eating and drinking routines. Soon after I disappeared to our kitchen and made a fast kiwi and melon smoothie - a great way to detox as well as to get necessary vitamins and minerals into my body. This time I didn't put the remaining smoothie in the fridge. Instead, I filled my new silicone ice ball moulds with the unfinished smoothie. And so my stock of frozen smoothies and sorbets which I store in a container in the freezer began to expand.
A few days later I readied iced green tea for our garden party friends. I served the iced tea in tall glasses with a 2.5" diameter lime and mint ice ball in each glass. My guests ooh'd and aah'd about the ice balls and how they were served. They also enjoyed the flavor the ice balls added to their iced green tea.
My husband is smart. He found a product for me that I can be creative with. A kitchen product that lets me shine as a host at our parties. One that also supports|helps|reinforces} my healthy drinking and eating habits –
And the great thing is... these silicone ice ball moulds don't clutter up my kitchen!

You can buy Snugbe silicone ice ball moulds with confidence on Amazon.co.uk .They come with a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee and a 3 Year Product Warranty!

Check out this ice ball maker product now

Snugbe Silicone Ice Ball Moulds - 2 moulds that create Great Orbs of Ice!
These Ice Ball Makers are Slick and Practical:
- Containing BPA free, food grade silicone
- Highest quality silicone that is flexible and long-lasting (comes with a 5 Year Warranty)
- Moulds that make great ice orbs 2.5" (6 cm) diameter!
Superb In All Types Of Liquids, Fun At Meet Ups and Parties.
Snugbe Silicone Moulds Make Ice Orbs which:
- Are quick-cooling yet gradual-melting
- Dilute into drink slowly and last for three hours and more
Also Perfect For Creating Appetising Ice Ball Desserts And Appealing Ice Ball Decorations.
Use Snugbe Silicone Moulds To:
- Create ice orb Sorbet from colourful fruits
- Make ice orb floating art decorations from flowers

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