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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dropshipping Advanced Lesson: Keep Descriptions Easy-to-Understand 

If you manage a wholesale or dropshipping websites employing platforms like eBay, then you want to make sure your descriptions get the job accomplished. Doing so can help improve income from a steady stream of buyers while developing your reputation as a trusted dropshipper on these e-commerce platforms.

The secret: Keeping your descriptions short and sweet! Here's how you can do just that:

Make Descriptions 200 words

200 words is just the proper amount to work with. It provides you adequate space to outline the product's benefits (much more about that in a sec) without causing the reader to lose interest due to the 'wall of text' impact exactly where they ignore big chunks of text on their device displays. This also performs effectively with eBay's internal search engine given that it scans approximately the initial 200 words of your description when cataloguing goods for retail or dropshipping.

Focus On Positive Aspects

A common mistakes lots of new dropshipping entrepreneurs make is to fill their descriptions with flowery yet ultimately meaningless words. Don't tell prospective shoppers that you have an excellent solution that meets top quality requirements. Show them by highlighting the swappable lenses of the digital camera or the higher-density waterproofed Gorilla-glass screen of a wrist watch - aka the direct benefits of the solution.

Use Bullet Lists

Notice that this report is essentially one extended list of phrases that are followed by paragraphs that explain in greater detail what those phrases mean. This is a principle that you can use in writing the descriptions for your dropshipping goods. Grab the reader's interest with a list of bold or underlined text, then use a line or two to further explain what the text implies. Undertaking so will make your descriptions considerably simpler for individuals to scan at a glance.

Speak The Language Of Your Purchasers

It is simpler for a trusted dropshipping organization to reach out to prospective shoppers if said organization knows what the shoppers want to hear. For example, consummate professionals will want the straight details backed up by numbers from credible sources. The typical male outdoors man will pay interest to descriptions that highlight ruggedness and a sense of freedom and exploration. The common housewife will pay attention to the descriptions that highlight the usefulness of the solution in household and property conditions. You essentially require to identify your target buyers and word your descriptions to suit their needs and desires.

Insert Keywords Into Your Description

Revolving your descriptions around a set of specific search phrases is a must. Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a basic tenet of e-commerce, and you can improve the optimization of an item description by inserting the search phrases each 75 to 100 words in the description. Notice how this same report is seeded with words associated to dropshipping? This keyword - and search phrases associated to it such as 'dropshipper' and 'private label shipping' - will help make this report simpler to find utilizing Google. Apply that principle to your solution descriptions and your goods will also be simpler to discover utilizing Google and the search engine of the e-commerce platform you are utilizing.

Utilize A Number Of Pictures

An image is certainly worth a thousand words, and you can save lots of space merely by uploading at least 3 photographs of the item from distinct angles. This is one thing each dropshipper need to do, specially given that much more and more customers are employing mobile models for buying purposes. These mobile models have restricted screen sizes, and an image can help fill in the descriptive gaps left by your short descriptions.

Bare all these in mind and you'll find your dropshipping organization benefiting from the 'short but sweet' benefits of short item descriptions!

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