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Friday, May 30, 2014

Mortimer Snerd, Popular Dummy Ventriloquist Doll, Who Plays Dumb. 

Mortimer Snerd was one of many ventriloquist figures used by Edgar Bergen. The characters were created by Bergen for his radio show in the 30s and 40s. Many people thought that a ventriloquist would never achieve popularity on the radio. But Bergen and his sidekicks proved the critics wrong. Audiences loved Charlie, Mortimer, and Effie.

Not like the wise-cracking Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer was a bitt slower with his comebacks. He was portrayed as the country bumpkin type character. What we might consider a "red-neck" today.

Mortimer wasn't only on the radio. In 1939 Bergen created a syndicated comic strip called "Mortimer and Charlie" that centered around their antics. He also appeared with Bergen in the 1943 movie, "Stage Door Canteen".

A character like Mortimer is always loved by the people because even though he might not seem like the sharpest guy, he usually out smarts the ventriloquist in the end. In general, audiences like to witness the dummy win over the ventriloquist. This is why the vent is usually the straight man and the dummy gets the jokes.

A Mortimer Snerd figure might be the best addition to your ventriloquist act. At one time it was hard to find these classic figures, but now they are available again at online stores. Being a ventriloquist is a fun and unusual hobby. You can order a figure right now and be on your way to learning vent in a few days. If you're looking for a way to be the "life of the party", then ventriloquism is a great skill to acquire.

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MORTIMER WAS PLAYED AS THE COUNTRY BUMPKIN TYPE, ALWAYS A BIT SLOW TO CATCH ON TO THINGS. Dressed in a Black and White Suit with a red bow tie and a straw hat. Mortimer has buck teeth and is what we might consider a "red-neck" today.

FOR EASY OPERATION, JUST HOLD THE HEAD WITH ONE HAND AND PULL THE STRING WITH YOUR OTHER. Mouth is controlled via a string linked to the back of his head. Comes with easy storage tote bag, makes it easy to keep & easy to travel. Take him anywhere and be the life of the party.


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