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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Washable Dry Erase Markers 2nd Generation Video Training 

Have you ever used common dry erase whiteboard pens and had unprofessional results? WrightMark offers modern pens that are a pleasure for parents, teachers, students, lecturers to use. Solve all the following problems.

* When your kid puts marker ink all over his skin and clothes, and you can't get rid of the marks... make a note on your shopping list to buy WrightMarkers so that you can wash marks off in plain water in future.

* Teachers, do kids that you are teaching have to sit near the front to read faint marks on the whiteboard? Place intense writing and drawing on the whiteboard in future.

* Lecturers, has the teacher last Friday left diagrams that have dried on by Monday, and can't be wiped off very well? Dried on writing made by WrightMarkers wipe off quickly.

* Is writing too thick/thin for your purpose? Use reversible tips to select pen thicknesses. Then you can make smaller characters for a to do list, or larger letters for lecture hall.

* Do you get some pens that have dried up in the warehouse? Choose improved pens that use an ingenious trick to avoid the drawbacks.

* If you leave the cap off a marker, can you still use it? Just wet the tip with tap water and follow the instructions to get ink flowing again.

* Do you hate exposing children to the fumes? Modern dry erase pens are low odor so your problems are at an end.

Now you can buy the second generation of writing materials from Amazon, why settle for less? You are confident that you can depend on their money-back guarantee and rapid delivery. If Amazon doesn't have the answer to your questions, just visit the blog.

Just click the link below to buy, and I'm sure you will be delighted to show all your friends and workmates your beautiful new presentations.

Primitive whiteboard dry erase markers were a big innovation from the chalk-and-blackboard era.

At last Wrightmark has made available the next generation of markers that exterminate most of the problems with obsolete markers.

As you might expect, each upgrade has its disadvantages, and the main snag with these improvements is that you have to shake these dry erase pens to mix the ink, and press down on the tips to make the ink start flowing.

Here are a few of the great improvements on primitive pens.

* You get intense fluorescent marks - no more feeble wooly writing.
* Dry erase only worked when marks from old markers were fresh. Now dried-on marks flake off with a coarse cloth, but please don't try to erase wet ink, or you'll smear it into any scratches.
* Use tap water to erase marks from skin and clothing, with perhaps a little detergent for red ink. You won't need any more more toxic cleaners.
* A reversible nib means that you can choose your own thickness between a 3mm bullet point for class work, and a chisel tip - use the point for small personal writing, such as to-do lists.
* You need to "prime" these pens to get the ink flowing when you get them. They're already dry to make certain that they can't dry out in the store shelves. You store the new pens flat so you no longer need to find some way to keep them point down when you're not using them.
* You can make markers work again when you leave the cap off.

See the website at WrightMarkers.com for how-to tips and videos.

Click for more about this washable marker product

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