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Monday, April 14, 2014

Twelve Hole Ocarina of Time Replica by Songbird Ocarina 

If you are a huge Zelda fan like me then you know having your very own Ocarina of Time is a must! I selected the 12 Hole Ocarina of Time Replica from Songbird because of the excellent customer evaluations. Now that I've received it I must say, I'm so delighted I went with Songbird!

I ordered my Ocarina off Amazon (my favored place to shop online because I feel safe as a client there) & my Songbird Ocarina appeared in just 3 days! It came it it's own little Treasure Chest! So Cool!

Not only does it look like the Ocarina of Time, but it's crisp and pure tone sounds even better than the video game! It came with a tutorial and songbook that was incredibly simple to follow. I was playing Saria's Song and the Song of Time the very same day I got it!

I would highly advise this Ocarina to all Zelda Fans!

Find out more at amazon.com/Ocarina-Time-Replica-Songbird-Ocarinas/dp/B007RQUYJC/Zelda Ocarina/

Be a Hero in Your very own Time!
Whether you want to find pals or just stop calamity, you'll end up being a true hero of time with this ocarina from Songbird. An one-of-a-kind 12-hole instrument handed down by generations of Hyrule's royal household, this secret treasure is now available to you! But, due to it's unique qualities, it's offered only in limited supply.

It is impeccably in tune and it can be played beyond the 4 keys needed to enter the blessed Realm of the Triforce. The ceramic glaze of Zelda Blue releases a radiance similar to an active time shift stone. It's exemplary tone blends especially well with pipes of awakening, the guitar of waves and the drums of sleep.

This 12 Hole Ocarina of Time is the Best One Offered!
-21 note range of courage
-Highest Quality Ceramic
-Zelda Blue Glaze
-Painted Platinum band that will not fall off
-Triforce Design
-for both Amateurs and Professionals alike
-Have to Have Collectors Item
-Features FREE Songbook consisting of 12 Zelda songs!
-Is available in a FREE Zelda Inspired Treasure Chest!
-6" X 1.5" X 4".

Your Order is Supported by Songbird Ocarinas Legendary Customer support Group!
-All Songbird Ocarinas are packed securely, insuring they reach you without damage or defect.
-Every Ocarina is Backed with a 30-day warranty. Complete satisfaction or we'll give you a full refund, no concerns asked.

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