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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stylish Multifunctional Travel Bag/Handbag Organizer Insert - Keep your Purse and Travel Bag Organized 

Picture this common situation:

You have boarded an airplane, Your book, your iPad , a notepad, pens and a snack are all packed up somewhere in your carry-on luggage, You intend on using these items during your flight at one time or another. You gather the items from your carry-on bag, before squeezing it into the overhead bin and taking your seat. Now what?

Your items are strewn all around the small area of your seat. Some of them you manage to store in the bag in front of you. One or two may land on the floor. Another besides you on your seat..... You get the scenario. It's chaos and a nuisance overall.

A few weeks ago, I was gifted this neat travel bag/handbag organizer insert for my birthday. It had never occurred to me to consider something like a bag organizer. But that has changed! I put it to use on a recent trip and came to appreciate just how useful it actually is. It provides such a great solution for the all too familiar scenario depicted above.

With the travel bag/handbag organizer by Clever Necessities, you can store your chosen items in one place and gather them with a single grab.
You can group items that you would like to have handy all at once. For example: your iPad, the cable for your device, a notepad and pens.
Or, your sketchbook, color pencils and markers.
You can use it to keep your make-up bag, hair brush, mirror and hairbands all in one place. Or your wallet, credit card holder, scheduler, keys and cell phone.
You can also use it as a medical paraphernalia for your medication, hospital cards, insurance cards, etc.

No more digging and fiddling around inside your bag. You simply pull out your organizer insert and grab the desired items.

Its unisex design makes it appropriate for both, men and woman.

The travel bag/handbag organizer also makes switching bags convenient. No need to transfer item by item. With a single grab life has just gotten a bit more easy.

And since the travel bag/ handbag organizer is ultra light it doesn't add weight to your suitcase or handbag.

This bag organizer by Clever Necessities is now available on Amazon.

Check this out at http://www.amazon.com/Handbag-Purse-Organizer-Insert-Multifunctional/dp/B00E3VM78U/handbag organizer insert/

Stylish, versatile travel bag/handbag organizer insert

Keeps your purse, carry-on luggage, tote bag and travel bag organized and tidy.

Its unisex design makes this travel bag/handbag organizer insert useful for both, men and women

Allows you to swiftly transfer contents from one bag to another.

Doesn't add weight to your purse, travel luggage and tote bag since it is ultra light.

Zippers and Velcro closures keep contents from falling out and keeps everything secure.

Allows you to store items that you would like to organize together in one place.
For example: your tablet device, cable for your device, a notebook and pens.

There are 5 pockets: one main pocket that is divided into 2 compartments with zipper, 2 smaller pockets on one side with Velcro closure, one bigger pocket on the other side with zipper.

Makes organizing your bag effortless!


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