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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Practical Lessons A Used Car Buyer Should Learn 

When you search the Internet for tips in making a used car purchase, you would see so many of them. You would find articles that talk about the best practices, as well as the mistakes you should avoid. While you read through the article, you would gain a better understanding about the process. But as you scroll down, you would find readers' comments that refute what you've just read. You would sometimes see a totally different perspective but which seem to have been based on sound facts as well and solid experience. Hence, in the end, before you simply see this site for the car options, it is up to you to decide which view to believe in. But while there is truth to this, there are tips that no one would dare question. These include the advices that used car buyers have proven, time and again, to be applicable and true. And if your goal is to ensure that you get the best deal in your purchase, then you should keep them in mind, too.

Among these is shopping around. Cross-shopping is a crucial component in finding the best deal, regardless of whatever purchase you are going to make. Among the grave mistakes you can commit when you buy a used car is not checking other dealers. You have all the possible means to do so - the Internet and your phone. Use these to look for different dealers and become informed about their offers. In addition, you should remember that if it's too good to be true, it probably is. If you are targeting the cheapest car the market has available, then prepare for the worst. If you are getting an unbelievably low price offer, then it is possible that the auto has serious mechanical defects that may not be evident to you. Now, there might be a very slim chance that such offer can occur. But to be safe, you should look for more details first. Check the vehicle's history. Carefully inspect the unit. Take it to a test drive. You can save your sanity and money if you would avoid jumping into offers without doing important checks.

Aside from this are the timeless lessons on negotiating. First, do an online research on the value of the car before meeting with a salesman. However, you should know that these prices are just there to guide you. Don't forget that Hertz Car Sales sells its cars at prices thousands below suggested retail values. Secondly, try to keep your emotions in control when you're talking to a salesman. Try not to give him an opportunity to make you agree on his terms. Thirdly, discuss price and not payment. Focus on the total amount you can afford and not on the monthly payments you would have to make. Fourthly, remember that if it is not in paper, then it didn't happen. Have the dealer indicate the agreed price on the contract. Lastly, don't hesitate to walk away when you have to.

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