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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Detail Windshield Glass With Microfiber Cloth 

Have you every had your car detailed and as you drive off spots and or specks appear on your auto glass? The car might look fantastic from the outside but exactly what was missed on the inside will still be apparent. All it takes is a little time and effort with the right item for the job and that is the Microfiber Slick Glass Cleaning Fabric. Next time you get your vehicle back from detailing and you are unhappy with the results, ask why they did not utilize this product. Not only does it work as declared but also no chemicals are needed to clean glass and the cloth is reusable. Just moisten the cloth and apply to the dirty surface or mist with a misting bottle and then wipe clean with a dry slick glass cloth. I assure you will not return to what you had previously been using after you have tried this product from Amazon.

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Microfiber Slick Glass Cleaning Cloth-At Last, A Microfiber Fabric To Eliminate Smudges AndSpecks! Use With Misting Bottle - No Severe Chemicals -Show Room Clean AutomotiveWindows, Electronics, Jewelry, And Devices -100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The First Microfiber Fabric Established For Glass Cleaning.
- Show Room Cleaning For:
- Spot-Free Glass.
- Streak-Free Glass.
- Speck-Free Glass.
- Environmentally Friendly: Only Clean With Water - Do Not Use With Chemicals.
- Reusable, Durable: Equipment Wash-Tumble Dry.
- Safety: Minimize Glass & Auto Glass Glare.

Sick of microfiber cleaning fabrics that leave spots, streaks, and specks on your glass?
These fabrics leave glass perfectly clean without breaking down from use.
Numerous people will try using terry microfiber fabrics to clean glass and will discover that
they leave tiny specks of microfiber filaments that have broken off onto the glass, due
to surface rubbing. ProCo Slick Microfiber Glass Cloths have tightly woven microfiber yarn
that feels and look like silk and will not leave these microfiber filaments.
Assist in saving our environment by reducing chemical use since this cloth only needs water to clean.

The First Slick Microfiber Fabric Established For Glass Cleaning-Environmentally Friendly.
- Only Glass Show Room Cleaning Towel You Will Require Or Want.
- No Pricey Chemicals Needed For Cleaning-Use This Fabric To Eliminate Chemical Residue.
- Made from 80% Polyester/ 20% Polyamide.
- 16" X 16" Fabric, 300gsm, Twelve Per Package.
- Will Not Scratch- Safe for Delicate Products.
- Use Again & Again.
- Spray Surface area With Water Mist & Wipe With ProCo Microfiber Fabric.
- Available in Blue.
- Use For Your Slick Glass & Plastic Detailing of Automotive Boat, Motorbike Windshields,
Electronics, Precious jewelry, Glasses, Lens.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Hurry-Limited Supply Due To Popular Demand-Order Now By Placing In Your Cart.

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