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Friday, April 25, 2014

Aid And Attendance VA Benefit Allows Up To $2,085/Month for Care And Assistance 

This is a "how-to" handbook that describes in detail the best ways to obtain the Aid and Attendance benefit regardless of the situation of the veteran. All of the VA Forms needed are included. This has actually been updated for the brand-new 2014 VA Pension rates. A qualified veteran (or remaining spouse) who is getting long-term care in a nursing home, assisted living center or is getting in-home care from caretakers (including relatives) have to have this handbook to obtain this benefit. This little-known federal benefit referred to as "Aid and Attendance" pays a married veteran around $2,085 per month for life, is income-tax-free and goes on for a life time. This benefit is paid to those who are qualified to help pay for long-lasting care, such as assistance gotten in a skilled nursing facility, assisted living facilities or while getting in-home care. Widows of veterans can get $1,130 and a single veteran can plan to get $1,759 per month.

The function of this handbook is to see to it that the individual applying for this benefit submits an effective application with the Department of Veteran Affairs. This handbook will de-mystify the actions required and the federal forms required for a lead to an effective application.

The author has several years' experience in helping veterans and their families effectively win this crucial regular monthly benefit. This handbook was planned out to streamline this application process to the point that anybody who can read can use this handbook to effectively apply for the benefit.

In addition, to the step-by-step directions, all the VA federal forms needed are included in addition to a number of case studies, or "examples", of everyday individuals who succeeded in getting the benefit. Also, there are little-known tips and strategies that you can make use of to obtain the benefit. There are countless Americans now getting this benefit and you can too by submitting an effective application utilizing this user friendly handbook to guide you.

More about this Aid And Attendance product

A growing issue in numerous families is that of dealing with the requirements of older Americans is that of discovering a means to pay for care, assistance and help for those who can not live alone. Lots of families have their own requirements and discover it extremely tough to provide for older family members who require this care.

There is assistance for older veterans of the armed services when those veterans (or surviving widows) who require long-lasting care if they can not care for themselves and require personal care. This care consists of that gotten at home or from an assisted living center or 24 hour care facility.

Presently, the Department of Veterans Affairs will pay a married veteran around $2,085 per month for life. This tax-free benefit will likewise pay a single veteran some $1,758 per month and a widow $1,130 per month for life. Getting this benefit from the VA is for most people an overwhelming job because of the wide range of VA forms and the terminology utilized. The "Success Manual" was written to see to it that families obtain the benefit effectively. Based on many years of helping families, this loose leaf handbook was created by the author to be a step-by-step blueprint to obtain this VA benefit. All needed forms are part of the manual in addition to worksheets and a number of case studies.

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