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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Setting Your Rules On A Home Mortgage 

What do you want? You have to set your financial goals if you expect to achieve them. In serious thought about the distant future, a few issues come up over and over; retirement, health insurance for old age, living expenses, college education for children. All of these futures needs share one thing in common. They require money; not just a lump sum, but a continuous flow of income to finance goals and to give protection against being forced to live life in any way other than the way you want.

One big problem with buying a house is that, at the time you buy, no one is thinking about the long term. You want to get the deal at the best price and qualify for financing. The lender wants a lot of paperwork filled out. The agent wants to get the deal accepted and into escrow, so that he or she will get a commission. Again, it's up to you to keep your best interest in mind, and to find the right loan and the right lender. For the moment, the attention-getting goal is to make the deal work, both for buyer and seller. The fact is, you have a number of other goals. Closing the deal is push-button mechanics. What you really want extends over decades, not just the next few weeks.

Regardless of your immediate goals, we all want the same thing: financial freedom. You don't want to have to keep working when you'd rather retire. You want to be in control of where you live. You want the financial freedom to pursue a comfortable and secure life-style. That simple goal is so often missed, even by intelligent and well-educated people who earn a good living.

Why? Because they didn't take conscious steps to get financial freedom. One of the many ways to ensure that freedom for yourself is to own your own home, free and clear, by the time you want to retire and stop making payments.

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