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Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Use A Derma Roller By Derma-Logi To Treat The Stretch Marks On My Body - Product Review 

I used to body build years ago and so my body mass and size were rather big, then a few years back had physical problems and could no more train and that made me loose weight. Now I have these stretch lines in all sorts of areas of my body where I used to be larger and I was trying all kinds of creams but could not see outcomes coming. The stretch lines were all over my hands, upper body and legs and it actually troubled me for a long time.

A buddy suggested I should practice micro-needeling to enhance the absorption of the stretch marks cosmetic products and I started derma rolling a number of months ago prior to applying the stretch marks cream and this really does wonders!

The gadget I got was a Derma-Logi 0.5 mm micro-needle size and with the anti-scratch technology from Amazon.com. Results really started showing within just a couple of weeks!!

It appears that derma rolling does enhance the results of skin care products by hundred times and so if you are doing something to treat your stretch marks or other skin issues - you could want to use derma rolling as it actually works for me!


Derma Roller

I suggest you use it too, its got 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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