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Thursday, March 20, 2014

BlackHillsGoldSource Silver Jewelry Cleaning Polishing Cloth 

After my grandma passed, I was left possession of some of her valuable jewelry pieces. Any pieces that held sentimental value to her, she took to her grave. I was charged with liquidating almost 100 different remaining pieces that had been sitting in jewelry boxes for most of the last thirty years.

Knowing nothing about cleaning precious jewelry and not wishing to spend a fortune on an expert company to polish each piece, I came across the Silver Cleaning Polishing Cloths, sold by BlackHillsGoldSource. The reviews I read online all seemed too good to be true, but the product measured up to the results I had read about!

First, each unit is actually four cloths in one. Each unit includes two inner cleaning fabrics, as well as front and rear fabrics for polishing. This makes cleaning each piece a snap.

I'm no professional, but I can really see that these cloths were made with quality in mind. They are first woven from 100% cotton flannel, and you can really feel the heft of the cloth. They're then treated with cleaning compounds, which effectively cleaned up my grandmother's old precious jewelry.

The cloths are also safe. I let my young daughter assist in the polishing mega task. They're non-toxic, so I had no worries about my child handling them. They're made in the United States, which is extremely important to our family, as we try to buy American wherever possible.

For routine jewelry wearers, these cloths are very convenient and can easily fit in a woman's handbag or be stored easily in your glove compartment.

My grandma's precious jewelry, once dingy and stained, and old-looking was offered brand-new life. I was amazed at how these pieces glimmered after cleaning them with the Black Hills fabrics. There was no mess, no strange smelling or harsh chemicals or creams, and the entire process was quite easy. I ended up selling the lot of jewelry and purchased myself a good brand-new watch, which I wear every day, in memory of my grandma. I'll certainly be carrying the Black Hills Silver Cleaning Polishing Cloth every where I go, too, since it's just the right size to keep in the car or in my purse. They also come in a handy 3-pack. I certainly recommend giving them a try.

The following Youtube video demonstrates how to utilize it for best results:

View Jewelry Polishing Cloth Video Here

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