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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How To Record Digital Audio On Your Personal Computer 

The quickest technique to record digital audio is thru Sound Recorder, a built-in application in Windows. The application is a simple recorder that's good for beginners in the recording career.

You have to acquire a good microphone, a pop shield and a sound card with a microphone port. In contrast, you can also use a USB microphone, which bypasses using a sound card. When you have these basic gears, you can then begin recording your first audio.

Attach the microphone plug into the microphone port of your sound card. This can be located at the back of your laptop or computer, perhaps near the speaker plugs. If you are using a laptop computer, this can be seen at the side. If using a USB microphone, you just plug its cable to a USB port.

Position the pop filter in front of the microphone.

View Pop Filter Video Here

Open the Sound Recorder by opening Home and then keying in "Sound Recorder".

As soon as the application is open, decide on "Start Recording" when you are completely ready to record vocals or other audio.

When done, choose "Stop Recording" then save your file using the "Save" feature. Type the filename of your audio and press Save.

There are other more sophisticated recording programs like Audacity or Garage band.

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