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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Crib Mattress Pad Review By A Real, Experienced Mom 

An experienced Mom informs us why she suggests the Happy Sleep Crib Mattress Cover from Tumpety Tots.

Check Out This Video About Crib Mattress Cover

This baby crib mattress cover provides the same sort of quality you would expect to discover in an adult mattress pad. Quality stitched quilting guarantees that the padding stays put and doesn't bunch up, even after numerous washings. A 200 to 300 thread count top is exactly what you are actually looking for since it's a low enough thread count to be breathable (your child doesn't get all sweaty) but fine enough to the touch to provide a smooth sleeping surface. The waterproof backing is essential. It safeguards the baby crib mattress from spills and accidents.

To maintain the integrity and quality of this baby crib mattress pad, it is necessary to make certain it's not exposed to too much heat. Since not all clothes dryers have the same temperature settings, Tumpety Tots recommends that you dry this cotton mattress pad on fluff dry (no heat) or hang on the line to dry. That method the mattress pad will preserve it's shape and size for a conventional size baby crib.

This mattress pad likewise safeguards your infant from dust mites, dander and other irritants that can be harmful to your infant. These are the elements that make certain your infant will get a comfy, great night's sleep on the Happy Sleep Crib Mattress Pad.

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