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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Parenting Made Easy With The Buggy Organiser 

Parenting has never been made easier when using the iONu Baby Buggy Organiser. It's easy to attach to your buggy using the wide, strong velcro straps. Easy to remove and stow away if necessary. Watch the video to see how easy and quick it is to use.

Visit Here for Baby Buggy Organiser Video

You can also keep the Buggy Organiser attached to your pushchair, stroller or travel system, when putting away and not in use. It's quick, simple and makes life easier for busy parents.

Have everything to hand while pushing your stroller. Drinks are kept upright and will never spill. Snacks can be reached at any time, without searching through big changing bags.

The Buggy Organiser is hand washable and made of quality material. It's universal fit makes it an ideal accessory to your buggy.

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