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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Long Island Fall Farm Festival Happening Now 

This years Farm Festival is the best yet. Every single Fall, White Post Farms carefully selects shows that will entertain both old and young.

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The shows are hysterical and interactive as well. We really would like the children to be quite involved and we motivate the audience to get up on stage and really be part of all the fun. Children dance and perform on stage, use a magic, root for piggies, throw frisbees to the flying dogs, take part in a live game show and root for the racing pigs. Its a blast and an experience worth coming out to.

The Fall Farm Festival is not limited to exclusively shows. At White Post Farms, there is just so much more to see and try. Activities that are quite one-of-a-kind and its a real getaway for all of the city kids that are surrounded by a concrete jungle. At White Post Farms, you can kick back and take pleasure in the beautifully landscaped, clean and spacious farm loaded with never-ending activities.

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