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Saturday, December 28, 2013

How to Choose the Best Nutrient Solution for Your Hydroponic System 

The Best Hydroponic Nutrients

Nutrient solutions perform a very important role in indoor gardening. Soil-grown crops obtain essential nutrients through the soil. In hydroponics, or the cultivation of plants in a soil-less setting, the nutrient solution supplies the food and nutrients that the plants need in order to grow. All plants need sufficient levels of phosphorous, potassium, nitrogen and other trace elements. The wrong nutrient balance or a formulation that is short of the right nutrients may not only upset the growth of plants but it may also destroy them. Here are a few tips on how to find the ideal hydroponic nutrients for your garden.

There are multiple commercial nutrient solutions readily available on the market. There are some products that are tailored to make your plants smell good, produce extra flowers or produce a bigger yield. Others claim to give you healthy and well-balanced plants with sturdy root systems. The best nutrient formula for your system will largely depend more on what plants you aim to grow and what results you are looking for. If you are aiming to develop green plants fast, then you definitely wouldn't want to use the exact same nutrient solution as someone who plans to boost his tomato plants to bear more fruits.

Another significant factor in picking a nutrient solution is the cost. Some brands can make your hydroponic system really over-priced. Although it may be very appealing to buy a brand that costs far less than the usual price range of hydroponic nutrient solutions, you should not buy based only on the cost. Astonishingly low-priced products are usually too good to be true. Cheap brands may not provide the kind of results you want. You need to set a price limit that you can afford and then determine the most ideal hydroponic nutrients your money can buy. In doing so, you can actually develop healthy hydroponic plants without spending too much.

Select a nutrient solution with the proper pH level. If you utilize a solution that is overly acidic or too alkaline, it may cause more harm than good to your crops. Typically, plants favor the acidity level of 5 to 71/2. Solutions with greater levels of alkaline may lead to low nutrient absorption, while those that are too acidic may significantly weaken or kill the roots.

Usually, most nutrient solutions are already slightly acidic and tap water typically has an acidity level of 7 or 8. So, you can just mix tap water to your solution to get the suitable range. Just don't forget to routinely check the pH levels. In order to grow a successful hydroponic garden, you will have to keep an eye on it meticulously and spend more effort and time in finding the hydroponic nutrient solution that suits your growing requirements.

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