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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Enjoy Pumpkin Picking In Long Island 

Pumpkin Picking in Long Island has emerged as somewhat of a trend. Mothers and fathers searching for the supreme pumpkin-picking experience will be thrilled by White Post Farms of Long Island. There are fields of pumpkins and little red wagons sprinkled about to lug the pumpkins.

Check Out This Long Island Pumpkin Picking Video

Young children are fully entertained as they hop, skip and jump on and around the pumpkin farm. At this time there a pumpkin painting station where children can paint the pumpkin they picked.

Pumpkin-picking is just a taste of what White Post Farms has to offer during the Fall time of year. Right now, the Fall Farm Festival is running. There is an endless amount of entertainment. Visitors can do anything and everything they choose. Activities include live entertainment, bouncers, hand-feeding farm animals, pony rides, a bird aviary and a zoo filled with exotic animals. There are a variety of playgrounds, including a pirate ship and an enormous sandbox. Children can play house in the cottages that line the back of the farm.

The whole entire farm is landscaped and full of the most beautiful flowers. There is also a pond filled with Koi fish. There is fresh corn on the cob and delicious treats for sale. Don't miss out on this yearly farm festival and come pumpkin-picking too!

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