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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Minecraft Foam Pickaxe is the Ideal Christmas or Birthday Party Gift for Minecraft Enthusiasts 

* Perfect Size: 28" Long x 13.5" Across x .63" Thick
* Crafted From Strong EVA Foam
* Pixelated Design - As Seen in The Video Game
* Soft Foam And Perfect For Play
* Great Birthday Gift For Minecraft Fans

Pickaxe Features
* Crafted with sturdy EVA foam
* Tough material
* Best quality construction
* Great weight for kids and adults
* True colors
* New pixelated design
* Soft and safe for play

Get The Minecraft Foam Pickaxe and Play Minecraft in Real Life!
* Imagine your own world
* Mine Ores
* Craft tools and other items
* Build!

Kids Playing Video Games Too Much?
* Turn a home into a Minecraft world!
* Pretend to craft the on a crafting table

The Pickaxe Is The Most Valueable Tool In The Game! With It You Can Mine Blocks and Ores, Such As:
* Coal
* Stone
* Iron
* Ice and llots of others

The Minecraft Pickaxe Is Not Just For Kids
* Great gift for any Minecraft enthusiast or fan
* Novelty gift for adults
* Collectors will cherish the realistic look and feel

Minecraft Foam Sword is the Perfect Christmas or Birthday Party Gift for Boys Who Play Minecraft Video Games. Pretend Your Are in the Game with Minecraft Tools Like This Durable EVA Foam Pickaxe to Mine Ores Like Coal, Stone and Iron and More!

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