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Friday, November 29, 2013

DIY-Pro 1100: Digital Tire Pressure Gauge - Save Money and Help Planet Earth 

The suggested practice is to examine your tire pressures each time you fuel up, however for many of us that is a tough to follow task, so a regular monthly pressure check would be sufficient for many of us. Tires with a reduced pressure develop a hazardous condition. Examine the pressure in your tires at least once every month or anytime you discover a tire appears to be losing air. Buy brand-new quality tires if you frequently need to adjust the pressure in your tires. Incorrectly inflated tires can trigger incorrect wear and tear on the tires. A soft tire produces more surface friction on the road, therefore building up above typical heat which in turn continues to lower the life of the tire. This can also put you and your loved ones in risk of tires falling short during a journey.

Another side effect of low tire pressure is enhanced greenhouse emissions. Poorly inflated tires once again trigger extra friction therefore reducing gas mileage due to 'drag'. It has been shown by a report provided by the EPA that incorrect tire inflation can lower fuel mileage by as much as 1%.

Appropriate tire inflation also extends the life of the tire as well. Inappropriate tire pressure causes the tire to put on unevenly and needing more regular replacement. If you purchase a 60,000 mile tire you would expect to get close to that prior to the tire requires tobe changed. Inappropriate operating pressures will lower the life of the tire triggering earlier than typical replacement needing the motorist to spend more cash over the life of the vehicle.

So if possible check tire pressure monthly as well as a visual inspection each time you refuel. Examine for foreign debris that might be embedded in your tires. It is necessary to get your tires fixed immediately if there is something incorrect. It can be an issue of life or death if driving on poor tires, so get in the routine of regular inspections.

The DIY-Pro 1100 gauge is there to help in your inspection procedure. This easy to use, easy to store, convenient little device makes the job of examining tire pressure child play. One button operations permits picking of multiple settings, lighted nozzle and display for low lite environment and the reading remains active for 15 seconds.

Check FREQUENTLY, it could be a matter of life or death!

Find out more at http://www.amazon.com/DIY-Pro-1100-cars-trucks-bicycles-motorcycles-batteries-operation/dp/B00GK4AOEM/Digital Tire Gauge/

HOW OFTEN DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF SAYING: "I need to examine my tire pressure, however I don't have a simple to use, good quality gauge!".

The DIY-Pro Digital Tire Gauge provides a lighted nozzle and back lit screen for low light conditions. The handy design fits comfortably in your hand and the ABS construction provides a non-slip, soft grip, resilient gauge. The single button control makes it easy to use with the light and range choice managed by a single finger, one button.

The ABS products assures a sturdy, rugged and lightweight gauge that is constructed to last and can take a few bumps. The lighted digital screen resets to "0" after 15 seconds, providing the user the time to move from tire to tire, while the automatic turn off feature turns the device off after half a minute of non-use, providing the device a longer power life due to decreased battery utilization.

A choice of four ranges provides the user the requirement for just one gauge for multiple uses: 0-100 PSI, Bar: 0-7, KPA: 0-700, Kgf/cm2: 0-7. The pronounced nose cone makes it easier to reach into those recessed areas that nozzles can be tucked away in. Nozzle "positive" seal innovation, provides a tight sealenabling for a more exact reading. The 'formed' hook hole provides the capability for the device to be clipped to a tool belt or hung in a tool box or on a tool board. The small profile of the gauge makes it easy to hold in an auto glove box or any little compartment.

By removing the 2 screws on the back of the tire gauge the changeable batteries can be accessed. {Exchangeable|Replacement| batteries can be acquired at an electronics establishment or at many big boxestablishments such as Radio Shack. It is suggested that tire pressures be inspected regularly periodically and adjusted per tire producers recommendation.

Correctly filled tires permits a more comfy, much better experience and more secure road trip while improving gas mileage and reducing green house exhaust

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