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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Managing Infestation By Fungus Gnats 

Fungus Gnats In Hydroponics

Fungus gnats are called common root parasitic organisms found in growth medium such as organic materials. Firstly, you will discover tiny larva or small flies which are not really in a position of doing any damage. Nonetheless, the maggots will surely cause problems for indoor plant growers. Fungus gnats eat plant roots and stems. Once plant roots have been damaged, the plants are more vunerable to diseases.

The primary effects are slow down of growth, discoloring and negative vitamin absorption. Damaged plants waste away and die if not remedied right away. The ideal solution for minimizing the growth of fungus gnats is to dry the growing medium after watering particularly for the top portion. This lessens the threat of egg-laying due to extreme dampness.

Get rid of decomposed plant matter like roots and bulbs because these supply sources of nutrition for the larvae. Another alternative for plant growers is to acquire insecticides. Apply the insecticides on the exterior of the growing medium as this is normally the origin of adult fungus gnats. You can prevent fungus gnats from infesting houses, offices and industrial areas. It is also necessary to monitor houseplants and set up pest control initiatives.

Deal with the growth of fungus gnats and dry up the growing medium right after watering. This reduces the possibility of egg-laying because of too much humidity. Throw away decomposed plant matter because this supplies a source of food for the maggots. One more alternative for plant growers is to apply chemicals on the surface area of the growing medium. Once again, this is for the most part the beginning of completely developed fungus gnats.

Adult flies can also be observed clinging to the leaves. These gnats have a liking for moist soil which is rich with organic and composting substances. The bugs climb to the surface if you water your plant well. Said pests may leave a trail of feces on the soil. Fungus gnats chew on the roots responsible for the entire plant to fall off. In case you discover gnats going to the exterior portion of the soil, do away with the flies and change the tainted soil with new and bug-free potting blend.

Purchase biological insecticide and replicate the process every five days right until the gnats are eradicated. On top of that, make sure to do something about fungus gnats prevention. Your door and window screens must be closed properly at all times. Allow the soil surface to dry out totally between watering schedules. Your house plant pot should have a good draining system. Throw away any standing water that builds up in the holder under the plant pot.

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