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Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Mary Celeste Papers - An Outstanding Mystery Story On Kindle 

The Mary Celeste Papers by Paul Gallimore offers British Humor at its finest. If you are an anglophile, ever a fan of British literary fiction, or if you are simply in the state of mind to catch something completely fresh and different, this book is shouting out to you.

Dropping The Mary Celeste Papers into a single writing category is not actually possible. One could similarly describe it as mystery story, a detective tale, or even a really funny comedy. Others would be fast to add that there is likewise the merest hint of sci-fi.

The scene is set in a dark and drab railway facility in London in 1975 and trails the lives of a band of brilliantly drawn-up, gritty individuals as they are roped into addressing a couple of the world's most famous maritime secrets. The title of the story might lead you to skilfully deduce that one of them is none other than that of the Marie/Mary Celeste.

The humor that the novel's numerous reviewers speak of comes out of the often spiky love/hate relationship that exists between the story's two main heros; railway apprentice's Charlie and Suss. They are simoultaneously articulate, erudite, playful, gentlemanly and youthfully vulgar. You will like them.

A murdered worker, found in the railway depot quickly brings Scotland Yard calling, however even they struggle to understand the chain of events that has preceded the death. Follow the investigators to New York as the mob are implicated and follow them back again as the riddle deepens back in London, releasing an international media storm as it does so.

Exactly what did the dead man understand about a one hundred-year old ship's log and why does the CIA not wish anybody to learn the secret? Will the solution actually reside in The Mary Celeste Papers? And could it be that a bunch of railwaymen, a poet and the widowed proprietor of a guesthouse will triumph where Scotland Yard's finest have fallen short?

Do yourself a huge favor and give this book a try. This is a truly outstanding and often humorous first story: one with a heart.

The Mary Celeste Papers is a brilliant mystery story which has picked-up superior reviews since it was first published, late in 2012.

Readers have delighted in its clever humor and completely special plot, which twists and turns throughout the tale.

You will not have seen another book like the Mary Celeste Papers. Have a look at the testimonials on Amazon.com, or Amazon. co. uk to see exactly what others have said about it.

Grab a copy during its complimentary promotional windows, or pay not even three dollars for a copy, regardless you will have made an outstandingly good move!

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