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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Personal Filter Straw Is Video Product Review 


We thought Frankie and her father did such an excellent job with their video testimonial it got us thinking, let's put it out to all our customers to see what you all think. I mean, nobody understands how terrific our products are better than our customers who use them every day.

So if you would like to, send us your video testimonial of the Advanced Personal Filter Straw and get a Complimentary filter straw.

To get an idea on the best ways to do a video testimonial simply check out the one Frankie and her father did below.


Your testimonial can be serious or wacky. Have a good time with it. Inform us what you like about your filter straw. Inform us how you have actually used your filter straw. Or tell us how the filter straw saved your butt.

Below are the rules for submissions:.
- Do not mention our competitors by name or show their items.
- Keep the video under 2 mins maximum length.
- You can either use a service like Drop-Box to send us the video or upload it to your YouTube account and send us a link.
- If you publish it to your YouTube account please mention it by name as a "Customer Video Review of the Advanced Personal Filter Straw" in the description and title.
- Mention in the description that you enable the Personal Filter Straw company to use the video you sent us in future marketing.
- You do not need to use your names in the video or in the description if you do not want to, nonetheless if you do include your names, simply use only your first names to secure your own privacy.

Each video submission will get one filter straw as our thanks for sending a review.

Thanks again to all of our terrific customers.

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