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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pomp W89: The Perfect Quad Core Phone on the Market 

Chinese mobile phone makers are increasingly gaining a share of the Android phone marketplace and it becomes more and more hard to find your way via smartphone land. Dual Core, Quad Core, IPS Display, Android 4.2,... the combinations are nearly limitless.

When we received the Pomp smartphone from Chinavasion, we have to admit we were pretty surprised. The POMP (we have to say, it's really a funny name), provides you a 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU, an 8MP Camera and a 4.7 Inch Screen for just 130 USD. Will the Pomp Android phones deliver or would you be on the look-out for something else? Keep on reading and find out !

What's in the box?
The first factor you note when you open the box is that it's stacked with accessories. Expect the usual Charger, USB cable and user manual but what you'll also receive is double batteries, a custom screen protector, earplugs with a built-in microphone and a flip cover. Admitted, the flip cover is not the ideal one we've ever seen but it will do its job in maintaining your telephone undamaged.

The POMP W89 shows off a 1.2GHz Quad Core processor, 1GB RAM (Note that most other low expense handsets normally come with a bare minimum 512MB), 4GB of ROM storage memory, GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an 8 megapixel camera (plus a 2 megapixel front camera) and most importantly, a 4.7 inch 854x480 5 point capacitive multi touch screen with cool graphical resolution and responsiveness.

Squeezing a thrilling 72 Hours of battery life out of the 2050mAh battery, the POMP easily delivers over a day's worth of work from a complete charge and when only utilised sporadic, the battery can even continue up to three complete days. We suspect this to be due to some clever and aggressive energy management. When compared to the prime branded handsets like Samsung and HTC, this is not quite amazing but we have to keep in thoughts that the POMP retails for only a fraction of their cost.

There is one first class feature exactly where the POMP W89 genuinely outperforms all the rest, and that is its potential to simultaneously use the Dual SIM function. The stock Android 4.2 version the POMP is equipped with has been revamped to offer complete Dual SIM management and therefore you'll be allowed to make and get smartphone texts and calls from either SIM card on demand, without rebooting or SIM switching.

When looking at the 8MP camera, there are some improvements to be made when compared to the High end sets like the Galaxy S3. In great light scenarios, the outcomes are a lot more than descent and photos come out good and crisp but when utilised in poor light scenarios photos have a tendency to be a bit blurry. The great built-in LED flash fortunately minimizes this effect when utilised.

Build High quality and Appears
One more good touch to this mobile phone is its constructed top quality. The mobile phone feels solid, completely lies in your hand and the superb screen just catches your eye. Two versions are available, a complete black version and a Black/White version (which we reviewed).

Priced at an very competitive 130 USD, this Android 4.2 Quad Core Phone couldn't catch us a lot more. The POMP W89 easily competes with the greatest mid-range mobile phones in the world and this at only a small phone of their cost. The Dual SIM feature is a correct first class feature, the camera a bit significantly less, but in all round this Android phone could easily replace a 300+ USD telephone so main players, watch out!

Chinavasion Pomp W89

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