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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bareboat Yacht Charter: Things You Should Know 

Bareboat Yacht Charter Whitsundays

To have a thrilling, safe, and wonderful bareboat yacht charter trip, bear in mind the following helpful guidelines.


To make certain that your arrival is well coordinated with your crew, it's best to advise them of the details of your flight. If you'll be flying privately, see to it that they know about your tail number. Luxury yacht charter companies send members of the yacht crew to meet their clients' flight with ground transportation to bring them to their chartered vessel.


It can be difficult to secure dockage arrangements, during peak seasons, especially in most popular docks, if there's no advance notice and/or deposits. Some bareboat yacht charter companies can help with organizing your choice wharf, as long as you inform them in advance. But, they usually do not guarantee anything, as some marinas only confirm bookings a few days before arrival.


If you want to use a jet ski, water runner, and other powered water toys, check with your charter company to determine if a certificate for a small watercraft is necessary within the cruising area. The use of diving equipment of the yacht is only permitted under specific circumstances. The most common practice during a bareboat yacht charter the rendezvous diving, private arrangements with local diving schools, for instance. Just be sure that you have your diving credentials.


At the end of your yacht experience, it is a sort of tradition to give tips to the Captain and the crew. Typically bareboat yacht charter companies suggest 10% of the base rental fee. But if you think that you had an extraordinary trip because of long hours of hard work and top quality service, then you could consider giving 15%. Exceptional personal services deserve 20%.


If you want to bring electronic appliances, it's advised that you inform the yacht company so your crew can check regarding compatibility with the vessel's electrical systems.


Details regarding the vessel's insurance provisions are indicated in the charter agreement. It is highly recommended that you bring with you an independent insurance for personal effects, whether you are on board or ashore. This is likewise important for any accident or medical costs incurred that are beyond what's covered by the boat's insurance.


Every passenger must carry his or her passport or entry visa, as required. It's best to inquire with your charter specialist for you to be informed of all important documents you should carry with you.

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