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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Tropcial Pitcher Plants: The Monkey Cups of the Jungle 

Let's imagine you were walking in the rainforest and saw a tropical pitcher plant for the first time. How would you describe this weird and funny-shaped plant to a relative?

Does it resemble a blossom vase, a wide-mouthed mug or a drinking container?

The early explorers had to tell the individuals back in the home country of their brand-new revelations. They knew monkeys resided in the forest and so they decided to call bottle plants monkey cups.

Do you think primates truly use these plants to drink up the rain inside?

Occasionally the stories of early traders, pirates and other individuals that explore the globe are not real. And at times there might be merely a bit of truth.

Old stories are told and repeated to discuss brand-new and impressive revelations to others. The concept of monkey mug is a good starting factor for us to learn more regarding these interesting jungle/rainforest plants.

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