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Sunday, June 09, 2013

The Need For Pruning Trees Near Residences 

Tree Pruning

Rotten and damaged boughs must be taken out without delay since these can affect the existence of trees. This will help preclude insects and organisms that induce decomposition from going inside trees. The ideal time to trim is during the latter part of winter or early spring. This is the period when the sprouts of a tree begin to bloom. It is advisable to stay away from the hot and parched months or tremendous freezing weather.

Pruning is vital since it accelerates air flow and sunlight which mitigates the disease issue. It is also a way of getting rid of root suckers or shoots and water sprouts which interfere with the growth of trees. This is one way of supplying more nutrients for the tree. You also get rid of twigs that cross and rub against each other. The frail or thin parts of the tree crotch have the propensity to wither and die as the tree becomes older. Removal of these crotches can prevent the possible breaking and shredding of wood.

Trimming can also eliminate the co-dominant leaders. These are two twigs which grow close to the treetop and become similarly overbearing. When you chop off one, the other limb grows and develops into the dominant branch. This helps prevent the branches from breaking which becomes a big problem when gusty winds begin to blow. The proper trimming methods produce and maintain a robust structure. This prevents safety problems such as branches that grow low and cause damages during thunder storms.

You maintain the natural form of trees through pruning. The irregular twigs can lead to a tree with an unfavorable shape so it is necessary to take away these sticks. Trimming can speed up growth in slim areas and reduce blooming where it is not needed. In case, you opt to trim trees after leaves have blossomed, make sure to enable full growth of the new leaves. Give time for the tree to recover the energy that it has already used up.

For trees that have just been cultivated, do restorative pruning of trees only. Do away with the broken down or broken branches and perform other pruning steps commencing on the second or third year. The idea that trees should be trimmed at once when planted to make up for root loss is ill-advised. Trees need leaves and buds to deliver food and nutrients that accelerate fresh root production. Trees that are not trimmed grow faster because of the tougher root system as opposed to trees pruned during the planting period.

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