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Friday, June 28, 2013

Simple Tips for Operating a Slush Machine 

Slushie Machine For Hire

A slushie machine for rent slowly freezes a mix of juice flavour and water to make a smooth, cold, and refreshing thirst-quencher. If you want to have a slushy machine for your next party, it would be helpful if you know how to operate it.

1. Plug the slush machine into a dedicated circuit. A basic power outline will work just fine.But, see to it that there are no other electric machines plugged into it. Avoid using an extension cord, as this could cause a surge which can damage the slush machine.

2. Pour the drink mix and water into the five-gallon bucket. If you are referring to a drink recipe, see to it that you stick with the indicated ratio of water and juice mix, as you will be mixing a larger quantity of the drink. In such case, the water will take the place of ice. See to it that the quantity of your mixture is 4 gallons for non-alcoholic drink, and 5 gallons for alcoholic.

3. Remove the lid of the slush machine and pour in the mixture into the hopper located inside of the machine. After you have poured the mixture in the hopper, reposition the lid and turn on the machine.

4. Observe your mixture. When it begins to be cloudy, the ice is already forming. This gives you the idea that the drink is almost ready to serve. When you see the cloudy consistency, wait for around 20 to 30 minutes to make sure that the mixture is fully ready.

5. When the machine runs out of drink, turn the it off and then add more of your mixture. To make a new batch of drink, just follow the instructions explained above.

For Daytime:

o During day time, make sure that the machine is set on the freeze mode and the night mode is off.
o Make sure the power is switched on.
o Also, see to it that the augers are on.

For Night Time:

o Leave the augers and power on, except in places where it gets pretty cold at night. Keep augers on at all times, unless the slush machine is off.
o See to it that the freeze mode is off and the night mode is on.

More Tips on How to Use a Slushy Machine:

o Keep in mind that the drink freezes faster if your concentrate mix or the water is chilled.
o If you like to change flavours, run warm water (not hot water) through the slushy machine and out the front spout. Then pour in the new flavour.

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