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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Saying No To Google Glass: 10 Reasons Why New Technology Gadgets For The Eyes Are A Poor Concept 

Google Glass and other latest new technology gadgets are bringing buyers closer and closer to augmented reality (AR). There are, however, quite a few problems with these latest gadgets - and these arguments range from obvious health problems to ethical and psychological dilemmas:

1. Covertly snapping images or recording video
The single most significant concern with Glass is its capability to invade privacy. These best new tech gadgets are capable of discreetly capturing photographs and audio clips, and there is virtually no way to inform if someone is recording or not.

2. Possible for breaching confidentiality
Invasion of privacy is one point, but breaching confidentiality is an additional one. Those in law, medication, mental wellness, bookkeeping, law enforcement, military and comparable professions could find themselves in trouble if they're not careful with these great units.

3. Taking a record of evidence for online extortion
One more instance where these latest gizmos can trigger problems is extortion. People could privately capture compromising proof of individuals utilizing Glass or comparable AR devices. They could then use this proof to take advantage of other individuals.

4. Gathering far more data than you want to share
The latest gadgets for AR purposes are created to perform with social networks like Facebook or Google+ on a hands-free degree. You could end up accidentally sharing something you will later regret.

5. Vulnerability to online extortion
An errant image or video - something that could be easily captured with these new technology gadget for AR - could find itself in the wrong hands. Glass could beliable for capturing proof that other individuals could use against you as well.

6. Quite compromising hack point
Extorters could demand something from you, but what about those that want to just steal from you? You move around a lot with Glass, and you could end up in a lot of problems if someone manages to hack the device and capture a live feed.

7. Problems with private establishments
You could find yourself barred from a quantity of establishments just for wearing these great gadgets. Film houses, courtrooms and even your very own office could prevent you from getting into till you remove your AR glasses.

8. Distraction danger
This new tech can be very disruptive by taking your attention away from tasks at hand. A pop-up alert could even be adequate to put you in a severe accident if you had been driving or handling hazardous objects.

9. Excessive self-consciousness
Currently being online 24-7 and sharing every single moment of daily life could be a very nerve-racking expertise. You could find yourself continuously checking your phrases, actions and appearances so you look your best at all times. That is definitely not a fun expertise.

10. Prospective cancer source
These new technology gadget frequently emit and receive signals - probably carcinogenic ones that can trigger cancer. Google has reported that Glass emits 1.34 watts per kilogram SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). The FCC pegs the maximum safe SAR degree at 1.6 - which means Glass is cutting it *very* close.

Google's Glass is an example of new technology gadget producing the leap from science fiction to science truth, but these problems ought to be addressed if this new technology will turn into safe enough to be released to the public. Keep these points in mind before committing yourself to a pair of eye-mounted augmented reality devices.

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