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Friday, May 17, 2013

What are the advantages of hydromulching over sodding and dry seeding? 

Hydromulching In Brisbane

Advantages of Hydromulching Over Dry Seeding

1. Areas where this seeding process is applied will grow grass significantly fast. The germination process will be stimulated the moment the seeds make contact with water. Some seeds sprout as early as three to five days after seeding.

2. In dry seeding, lawns are covered with straw mulch to protect the area. However, such protective layer is full of weed seeds. The top layer of newly seeded area through the other process does not have weed seeds.

3. The mulch in hydromulching as it decomposes enhances the quality of the soil as it adds humus to it.

4. It has an appealing green appearance that is more attractive than areas applied with dry seeding.

Advantages of Hydromulching Over Sod

1. Sod is way more expensive than hydromulching which normally costs about 3 to 5 times more. You can have a turf that looks as nice as with sod within a few weeks and at a lesser cost.

2. Sod can have a real problem with the kind of soil it's grown on. The problem could be incompatibility. This is called the "not taking." A sod that "did not take" look like it could be immediately rolled back up even after years that the seeding took place.

3. Since the roots are chopped off, most likely, you will get unhealthy grass with sod. In hydromulching, the seeds are planted in the exact spot which needs seeding so the root systems are undisturbed and unharmed.

4. A highly skilled and experienced person should handle the sodding. Otherwise, the sod would most likely to shrink after the first month if the installation is not perfectly executed. This is caused by gaps that opened up between sod rows. While with the other seeding process, just enough knowledge and skills and familiarization with the machine can deliver excellent results.

5. To have a great lawn with the sodding method, high maintenance and care is required, while with hydroseeding in Brisbane, little care is enough. You do not have to worry about immediate watering and fertilizing since the mulch in hydromulching already contains water and some fertilizer. And since tackifier (a substance that holds everything together) is added in the mulch, you don't have to worry about the seeds being washed away or harmed by the rain, cold, wind and other agents.

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